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Postcards, greeting cards & menus – Santos=Dumont’s life, day by day

We know so much about Santos=Dumont great deeds, but, how was his life, day by day?

Here are some postcards, letters, menus and some other documents that shows a little more about the intimacy of this great genius.

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Lunch in Campinas Sep, 18 1903
Bennerville - Jul, 30 1927
From Megev to Henrique Dumont Villares - 1928 - 
"Dear Henrique,Happy 1908 to you all, here also I do much skiing.
Miss you! Uncle Alberto. "
Postcard to Guilherme Villares - Jul, 7 1930 - front

Postcard to Guilherme Villares - Jul, 7 1930 - Back
I have visited
 Ouro Preto, was here today and tomorrow I will to The Minas de Ouro Velho. And God willing, I'll be Saturday night at the
Hotel Avenida Rio
  Regards - Alberto "

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"Dear Henrique,

The director has just invited me to go this afternoon by train to Ribeirao Preto,and how it is for me a great pleasure, I accepted. He will make me do not come back this afternoon to take the train. He invited me to lunch, which I accepted and the ask you please to excuse me for not going to lunch with you.

See you soon"

"Dear Henrique,

How was the trip?
Give me news of your father.
Here is going well, the weather is beautiful,
 I’m already in my new apartment in the Rue Villault 5 "logeune"
(maybe Duchesnois, Valognes) and there
I am living with the son of "Sabreur" (his greyhound racing dog).
The races begin soon, but it only run in May.
Send my regards to Lena and to everybody else.

Paris - April, 4 1930

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