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Santos=Dumont apartment in Paris

Dirigible Santos=Dumont # 9 parked in front of the famous address Paris Champs Elysées, 114 ou rue Washington, 5

According to Antonio Sodré, in his biography of Santos Dumont “Santos Dumont, Um Heroi Brasileiro” ("Santos Dumont, a Brazilian Hero" not available to English speakers) the rumors that Santos=Dumont would be homosexual, was the outcome of a commercial competition as explains Paul Hoffman:

Leia este artigo em Português

“The New York papers were engaged in a fierce competition for readers, and the New-York Mail and Express had sent a reporter to Santos-Dumont's Paris apartment so it could publish an exclusive story when he arrived in the States.”

Also according to Sodré, Santos was almost daily subject in the pages of a newspaper competitor, the New York Herald, for being a celebrity and also for being a friend of its owner, James Gordon Bennett, a millionaire who lived in Paris. Of course, the first hand news about the aviator sells more newspapers.

Therefore the editor of the New York Mail and Express decided tarnish the shine of Santos Dumont, the journalist said himself:

"The tea service displayed on a corner of the room and there he often drink this female drink. Everything in the room is extremely tasteful and nothing indicates, nor for a moment, a masculine touch. "

Sodré concludes that the tea set, as well as the good taste of Santos was sufficient for this prejudiced reporter to create a biased article.
Santos=Dumont exotic invention, the two meter high table and chairs

All other newspapers have treated our hero more respectfully as this beautiful article written by the British magazine "The Sketch" inset in the Illustrated London News to cover the aristocracy and high society of the time.

Anyway, as I am in the midst of a creative process, seeking to understand the life of the aviator, and create the illustrations for my book as well, I decided to put some references of my research on the apartment that Santos Dumont kept on Avenue Champs Elysées, 114 or rue Washington, 5 in Paris. 
 S=D Office
Apartment nowadays
papier peint 1
papier peint 2
Main door handle

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